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iPass for Enterprises

iPass for Enterprises

iPass Enterprise Solutions

From the sales team to delivery drivers, everyone in your company has a lot to do and not much time to do it. Don’t let your team waste more time looking for free Wi-Fi that risks your company’s data security. iPass can keep your team securely connected to the best Wi-Fi available, make them more productive, and provide you with the operational visibility you need to keep your costs predictable.

iPass SmartConnect - Global WiFi for businesses

iPass SmartConnect™

Give your employees the power of secure, reliable connectivity that automatically hands off between Wi-Fi and cellular, so they can stay connected to work—and life—on the go.

iPass Location Data - Location technology solutions for business

iPass Location Intelligence

Improve your employees’ experience, protect your company’s security, and gain the operational visibility you need to keep costs predictable and manage on-the-go connectivity.

Bring the benefits of iPass to your enterprise mobility strategy.

Unlimited Wi-Fi on unlimited devices

Your job doesn’t have limits. With unlimited data on all your mobile devices, your Wi-Fi won’t either.

Available wherever you are

iPass gives you seamless access to the largest, global Wi-Fi footprint. 60+ million hotspots. 120+ countries. 160+ of the world’s biggest providers in one global network. Keeping you always connected, from trains to hotels to the corner café.

Connected in the clouds

Get inflight service with Gogo on more than 2,900 aircraft and with Panasonic on an additional 300 planes around the world. On leading airlines like Delta, American, Lufthansa, Air France-KLM, etc. And full-feet access on United coming soon.

No hackers here

We keep your credentials secure with SSL encryption and support the use of your corporate VPN. Get an added layer of security and privacy with the iPass Last Mile VPN, which keeps you protected where you need it most.

Easy activation and hassle-free connecting

Single sign-on. One-click activation. Automatic connections to best-performing Wi-Fi. So simple, your team will actually use it.

Predictable pricing

One low, flat fee, per user, per month for both terrestrial and inflight Wi-Fi. And easily track your mobile connectivity costs with centralized billing.

Efficient, enterprise mobility management

iPass makes it easy for IT. With cloud-based administration, there’s no need for extra resources.

  • Productivity

    • Employees these days connect and check email from wherever they are – from the office to the coffee shop to the soccer field. Keep them more productive on the go by providing your employees with low cost, secure iPass SmartConnect connectivity.

  • Corporate security

    • Eliminate the risk of employees’ using unsecure Wi-Fi access points that jeopardize company data and devices.

  • Operational visibility

    • Improve your employees’ experience, protect your company’s security, and gain the operational visibility you need to keep costs predictable and manage on-the-go connectivity.

  • Employee perks

    • Today’s employees are integrating life and work more than ever before and Wi-Fi is what keeps everything connected. Give your employees a perk they’ll use every day with affordable and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for life and work.

  • Employee travel

    • Make life easier and more productive for your road warriors by giving them on-the-go Wi-Fi with iPass SmartConnect, which makes accessing Wi-Fi on the go secure, reliable and easy with technology that invisibly scans and automatically connects to Wi-Fi whenever it’s available.

  • On-the-job connectivity

    • It’s no longer just your traveling salesforce and execs that need to be online for work. From delivery personnel to service and repair staff, if your employees need to be online on-the-go, iPass SmartConnect can make them happier and more productive with secure, reliable Wi-Fi that constantly and invisibly scans networks to keep devices connected.


More access. More time. Better experience.


More productivity. More securty. More predictability.

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